In 1997, our founder, Bansi Lakhani, was only 42 years old when he suffered a massive heart attack. Recovering from open-heart surgery, he was struck by two things: The critical role of his nurses, who he calls his healing angels (“They cared for me like I was family”), and stiff, scratchy, ill-fitting, boxy uniforms! Bansi thought,


“If these nurses are providing such wonderful patient care already, imagine the possibilities of better patient care, resulting from the happiness of wearing luxurious uniforms. Ones that make them feel good, look good, perform well, and require no ironing or extra care. I promised myself I’d do something to repay them.” 

The idea for Healing Hands was born but placed on the back burner as Bansi worked to regain his health and resume his role as CEO of Krazy Kat Sportswear. It wasn’t until 2008 that his promise came flooding back. 

Today, Bansi travels the globe overseeing the creation of Healing Hands luxurious fabrics – fabrics we turn into durable, comfortable, stylish uniforms that fit and flatter naturally with no added ironing or added spending. “I’m also extremely conscious of the price. We know how hard nurses work for each dollar.”

Healing Hands is a mission-based medical uniform enterprise, operated by Bansi and his son, Sid Lakhani.


Many of Healing Hands’ uniforms have a personal, unique message printed inside, encouraging the professionals who wear Healing Hands scrubs, showing appreciation for the work they do.

Some of the messages include:


are healing


The power to heal is in

your hands!

Thank you

for being

a healer!

More than twenty years later, Bansi is still overcome by emotion when he thinks about it – and continues to let nurses’ comfort and satisfaction drive every decision here at Healing Hands.

"If my angels are happy, I'm happy."

- Bansi Lakhani