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The White Coat Collection has the technology you need and the luxury you deserve. All our lab coats have their own personalities. From the conscious minimalist to the inventive artisan, you can be yourself in our coats! Our different collections include:

The minimalist collection consists of 4 coats - 2 men's coats and 2 women's coats. There are two lengths- a consult length and full length. The minimalist fabric is 97% polyester 3% spandex for the perfect blend of stretch and comfort. We worked hard to create designs that are simple but stylish. In the minimalist, you'll look great for a great value.


The modernist collection consists of 2 coats - 1 men's coat and 1 women's coat. The men's coat is full length and the women's coat is mid-length. This fabric is made with 77% polyester 18% rayon and 5% spandex for our signature Healing Hands comfort. The modernist has updated styling, like a rounded collar on the women's coat. Both garments are fully lined for a high-end feel. The modernist coat is for the 21st-century caregiver.


The professional collection consists of 2 coats - 1 men's coat and 1 women's coat. Both coats are full length and lined with a pinstripe suit lining- just like an Italian suit jacket. This collection is 100% polyester with a soil-resistant & fluid barrier. With this Teflon™ finish, you will stay clean and fresh all day long. The professional's elegant styling consists of features like a no-notch collar on the women's coat and suiting darts on the men's coat. The professional collection will make you feel confident where ever you go.

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